Guild of Freemen Of Berwick-upon-Tweed



The present day Guild is very active. The Freemen's Committee organises a series of social events annually. These normally include an annual Riding of the Bounds, a dinner, lectures and a bus trip which often visits another town where there are Freemen. Non-resident Freemen are welcome at these events. Freemen are represented at Remembrance Day and Mayor's Sunday. Resident Freemen are informed of these events by regular newsletters delivered by the Messenger. For a nominal fee the newsletter is sent to non resident Freemen.

Berwick Freemen have had a close relationship with other guilds in North East England since the 1930s. There was concern at the possible loss of traditional Freemen's rights when local government reform was being discussed in the 1960s. As a result, at a meeting in York in 1966 chaired by Arthur Cairns, the Chairman of the Berwick Guild, an association of Freemen Guilds ,the Freemen of England, was formed. This Association was later extended to cover Wales and held its AGM in Berwick in 1980 and 1994. Berwick is also a member of the Court of Deans of Scotland, which held its AGM in Berwick in 1994, when the Chairman of the Berwick Guild was Lord President of the Court of Deans.