Guild of Freemen Of Berwick-upon-Tweed


Thus, for example, the 75th. person on the Resident Roll receives 31.25p from every £100 total income from the two schedules. If the number of persons on the Resident roll is less than 496, the cycle of distribution is started again after the last person on the Roll has received his or her share. Thus, for example, if there are only 300 names on the Resident roll, the 301st. share, worth 18.75p per £100 total, is given to the first person on the Roll, the 302nd share to the second person, and so on until all the shares have been distributed.

Meadow Money is distributed by the Trustees, and delivered by hand to each recipient by the Trustees' Messenger, thus ensuring that it is received by the correct person and that he or she is still alive and resident in the borough. The Trustees' Messenger is a Freeman who also acts as the Freemen's Messenger, distributing newsletters to Resident Freemen and daughters of Freemen.

An additional allowance is paid to the senior Resident male Freeman, commonly known as the Oldest Freeman, who also holds a gold headed walking stick for the duration of his seniority.


The income from Schedule 1 (Meadows) and Schedule 11 (Stints in Lieu of Meadows) of the Estate is distributed to the Resident Freemen and widows of freemen in unequal shares according to seniority in a manner proportional to the value attributed to the actual meadow or meadows which each would have possessed before the 1926 Act. There were 333 meadows and 163 stints in lieu of meadows, a total of 496. the total income is divided into the same number of parts, with different values according to the table below;-