Guild of Freemen Of Berwick-upon-Tweed



Guild meetings have been held since tradesmen first gathered together for their mutual benefit. Formal meetings of the Guild were called Head Guilds and according to the ancient rules of the Guild were held quarterly. The 1926 Act set up a Freemen's Committee to conduct the day to day business of the Guild. An Annual Guild Meeting is held at which the Committee and Trustees are elected. Special General Meetings or Guild Meetings are held when matters of importance require decision by the Guild as a whole. The Officers of the Committee act in a similar capacity in the Guild.

These rules governing Guild Meetings were last ratified in 1920. A meeting may be called by the Secretary by advertising in a newspaper published in the Borough at least seven days before the date of such meeting, on the instruction of the Committee, or at a request of twelve or more resident Freemen. Guild Meetings are conducted in a formal manner and are presided over by the Chairman if he is present. When he is not present, the Vice-Chairman will take the chair and in the absence of both officers the Guild shall elect a Chairman for that meeting or until the Chairman or Vice-Chairman arrives. The Chairman of the meeting has the authority to adjourn the meeting at his discretion. When decisions are to be taken, twelve Freemen or widows of Freemen including office bearers and members of the Committee, constitute a quorum. In the case of equality of votes, the Chairman has a second or casting vote. Minutes of all meetings are kept by the Secretary. Representatives of the Press are not admitted to business meetings of the Guild.