Guild of Freemen Of Berwick-upon-Tweed



The General Fund. This is the general fund of the Freemen which is administered by the Freemen's Committee. Expenses incurred by the Committee are paid from this fund , but are recoverable from the Trustees under the terms of the 1926 Act and the subsequent arbitrations.

Expenditure from the General Fund has included the erection of a memorial in the Guildhall to the Freemen and sons of Freemen who gave their lives in the two world wars and the presentation of an enamelled gold medallion to the first Chairman of the Committee, Thomas Evans, after twenty five years service as chairman. On Mr.Evans' death in 1966, this medallion was given back to the Guild by Mrs.Evans for the use of the Chairman in perpetuity.

The General Fund is used to subsidise Freemen functions. The Committee purchased cloth to enable Berwick Freemen once again to wear their traditional robes. In addition to those purchased by individual Freemen the Committee arranged for a number of robes to be tailored and it is these which are used to robe Freemen when they take up their Freedom. A number of other items have been obtained through the General Fund. These include badges, ties and commemorative beakers.

Investment Management.

The various funds under the control of the Freemen's Committee are invested through financial advisors. The basis of investment is that 50% of each fund is invested in gilt edged investments and 50% in stocks and shares. There have been substantial increases in the capital and income of all funds as a result of this policy.