Guild of Freemen Of Berwick-upon-Tweed



Freemen who have been Mayor of the Borough of Berwick-upon-Tweed after the passage of the 1926 Act.

Before 1835 all Mayors were required to be freemen.

After 1835 the Mayor was chosen by the new elected Council. Many of these Mayors were freemen.

Since the passing of the 1926 Act the following freemen have been Mayor.

Joseph Fleming      1942-44

George Manners Lamb     1950-54

Thomas Evans       1957-59

Humphrey Crossman.      1979-80


Oldest freeman’s Stick.

Inscription on Oldest Freeman's Stick.


Edward Evans presented with Gold Headed Cane 6 February 1889.

Alexander Robertson presented 15 August 1893.

Robert Skelly presented 6 February 1895.

Thomas Robertson presented 4 October 1904.

Samuel Graden presented 5 October 1909.

James How presented 27 November 1917.

Ralph Skelly presented 29 January 1924.

John Cockburn presented 30 March 1933.

A.Tower Robertson presented 29 March 1946.

Alexander R .Manderson presented 15 March 1949.

Harry Richard Cairns presented 25 October 1949.

John Gilbert Cairns presented 27 November 1954.

John Lough presented 27 September 1955.

John Sample presented 29 January 1957.

William Paxton Unthank presented 21 December 1965.

Alexander Weatherburn presented 27 April 1971

William Anderson presented 16 October, 1975

George Manners Lamb presented 13 July 1978.

John Alexander Richardson presented 30 April 1981

John Edmund Torrance Smith presented 17 February 1983

Alexander Christison presented 18 October, 1984

Benjamin Howe presented 14 July 1988

William Henderson presented 23 May 1991.


 Roll of Honour.

Freemen and Sons of Freemen who made the Supreme Sacrifice.

Great War.


Peter Anderson     son of Peter Anderson

William Ronald Morley Crossman   son of Lawrence Morley Crossman

James Dawson      freeman

Joseph Dawson     son of Joseph Dawson

George Henry Evans     freeman

James Evans      son of James Evans

James Knowles Fairnell    son of William Fairnell

Robert Gladston     son of Thomas Allanshaw Gladston

Alexander Hush     son of John Hush

James Hush      son of John Hush

John Hush      son of John Hush

James Jeffrey      freeman

Adam Hastie Logan     freemen

John Hastie Logan     freeman

John Lough      freeman

Thomas Rouston Lough    freeman

Alexander Lyall     son of James Lyall

John Kennedy Lyall     son of Ralph Lyall

Ralph Lyall      son of James Lyall

William Pattison     freeman

Edmund John MacRory Robertson   son of John Robert Stevenson Robertson

John Alexander Tower Robertson   freeman

Frank Weddell Smail     freeman

Alexander Noel Smith    son of Thomas Cleghorn Smith

Alexander Purves Taylor    freeman

Robert Turnbull     freeman

Joseph Heron Swan Weatherly   freeman

George Sinclair Wilson    son of George Wintrip Wilson

Second World War

1939 - 1945

George Manners Lamb     son of George Manners Lamb

George Lough       son of Thomas Rouston Lough

John Alexander Moor      freeman

William Forster Riddell     freeman

William Weatherburn      son of John Weatherburn

Vaughan Robert Weatherly     freeman  


The Freeman’s Oath.

YOU shall SWEAR, That you shall bear true Faith and Trouth to our Sovereign Lady the Queen’s Majesty.

Also, That you shall not aid nor support any to the Office of the Mayoralty of this Borough, for Love, Favour, Reward, or Affection; but to promote and give Consent to those that you shall think and judge to be able, wise, discreet and of Power and Knowledge, as well to minister and execute the Queen’s Majesty’s Laws, as to uphold, fortify, maintain, and observe the ancient Laws, Liberties, Privileges, Customs, Constitutions, Statutes, and good Orders of the Corporation, and to the same granted or belonging, for the welfare of the same.

Also, You shall not be in counsel consenting or knowledging of the embezzling or purloining any of your Neighbour’s Goods; but if you may or can possibly, you shall give him or them lawful Warning of the same and to the uttermost of your Powers you shall let and hinder the same.

All Constitutions, Orders, Decrees, and Determinations touching or concerning the Welfare, good Order, Preservation and Maintenance of this Borough and Corporation, already made or hereafter to be made by the Mayor, Alderman, and twelve adhering Men; and all other good Orders accustomed among the Brethren, you shall fulfil, obey, keep, preserve, observe, and maintain, and shall not gainstand or disobey; and to ride, as occasion may serve for the Wealth and Liberties of the said Borough; and to pay your money freely for the Furtherance of the same, and to be at Scot and Lot, dutifully, as often as the Corporation shall happen to be lawfully assessed by the Mayor, Alderman and established Guild, the Mayor’s Commandments, and the Alderman’s lawful, you shall in like Case obey.

All Constitutions, Statutes, Laws, Liberties and Orders, granted to the Guild and Freedom of this Borough, and to the same accustomed or belonging, you shall maintain, uphold and further, and not suffer to decay nor be put down, nor forth of good Order, to the uttermost of your Power, Wit, Strength, Ability, or Learning.

So help you God by Jesus Christ.

Note;- This oath has been in use since at least the time of Queen Elizabeth I. There was originally a fourth clause which has been omitted for some years. The fourth clause read as follows;-

Also, you shall not associate yourself to occupy, or have any Manner of Traffic, with any Manner of Person or Persons not free of this Brotherhood or Corporation; neither colourably, for Favour, Gain, Profit, Reward, Affection, or any other cause, or matter whatsoever, to recite, maintain, or countenance any Goods, Wares,  Merchandizes or Commodities whatsoever, either coming in by Water or Land, of any foreign Person or Persons not free of this Corporation.